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re: Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, Arrival

At the Airport

Assuming (and fingers crossed!) that nothing goes wrong with your visa and luggage, you can first get a metro card from the information desk, which can save you the hassle of doing so later. Depending on your situation, it’s most likely you’ll want to buy and set up some connection to the internet before leaving the safety of the airport! Although there a couple of mobile network stalls dotted around (this guide is pretty great at highlighting locations) most recommended is ChungHua 中華電信since coverage is also great for travelling outside of Taipei!

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re: Studying Mandarin Abroad For Free: China Scholarships

The Great Wall, Beijing, Winter

Following my previous post covering funded study in Taiwan, unsurprisingly, there are also many opportunities to do so in the Mainland itself. Whether you’re from the UK or elsewhere a quick google search should provide you with some general ideas – however a good starting point is checking with your university’s Chinese department if you have one!

Since I’m writing from my own experience, I’ll cover the scholarship awarded by the British Council’s Generation UK programme who are seriously a godsend when it comes to funding work or study in China. With quite a few options to apply for, chances of acceptance are high.


Programmes range for one semester or one full year studying at a Chinese University and cover accommodation (provided by the university) and tuition fees. Additionally, a monthly stipend of 1100-1600RMB is also provided to cover living costs.

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