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Nottingham Hurts Yard Evening

I’ve never really been one to regularly spend my weekends in clubs, but evenings at home every day of the week can leave you feeling a bit restless. I used to think Nottingham had nothing exciting to offer once evening hit, but now I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface! It’s never too late, right?  Let’s make a pact to be more adventurous with our evenings, I’ve already tried out a couple of places to get us started:

Bad memories of being forced to play table tennis in a damp, dingy basement for high school P.E. classes nearly made me pass on an evening at Das Kino. But a case of FOMO, coupled with 241 deals on pizza and cocktails meant that I really did not need to be persuaded at all. At £8 per hour for a table that can accommodate up to 8 players, the more friends you bring, the cheaper it’ll be! Starting off semi-serious but swiftly descending into a battle of aggressive table tennis strokes and polite competition with the opposite table for ping pong balls (many were lost to the crowd) was a great way to spend the evening. However, save yourself from our awkward mistake of balancing pizza, drinks and ping pong by booking yourself an actual table before the game.

One of two board game cafés in Nottingham city centre, it’s a place we keep coming back to every couple of months. I can’t comment on The Dice Cup, but the staff and owners of Ludorati are so friendly and accommodating, it’s difficult to find a reason to go elsewhere! Opening until midnight Saturday, we spent the evening last week playing new games and old favourites. With a huge library of games to choose from, your first visit can be a little overwhelming (as was ours) but there’s always somebody on hand to ask for suggestions! Depending on extras such as food and drinks (alcoholic drinks offered), an evening here is pretty cheap – I spent just under £10!

Gather your friends and squeeze into a room at Free Seasons to sing your voices away (is that not how the saying goes?). Karaoke was made for terrible singers like me and is full of opportunity to bond with friends, new/old, over your mutual love for cheesy pop songs. Pre-drinking is optional to get your vocal cords ready and also a great way to minimise spending as drinks can be a lil’ pricey. Depending on what size room you get, expect to pay around £2-£10 pp excluding drinks. Checking out the TripAdvisor reviews is crazy since my Chinese friends never seem to have any problem and they go there all the time! In any case, take caution, friends.

It’s a classic alternative to a night on the town and one that’s always reliable. Rain or shine, I can’t think of any reasonable excuse not to go to the cinema. Whilst the Savoy holds a cherished place in my heart, due to its low prices (£4.50 for students!) and vintage red seats, I’ve recently been spoiled by Showcase de Lux. Surprisingly modern, this cinema feels like a VIP airport lounge, boasting a bar and Costa coffee. Ticket prices are a bit steeper at £8 for students (this is where Meerkat movies comes in), but nevertheless it’s worth it for luxurious reclining seats. In fact, I’m still feeling bitter at paying £8.30 for an average Cineworld seat. If Dunkirk is too out of your way, Broadway cinema in the city centre is a nice little mediator between price and comfort, screening films away from the typical movie blockbuster.

This ends my little round up for the time being. Let me know what other places to check out in Nottingham, or what you like to do for fun in the evenings!

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